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Introduction to Solar Decathlon Competition


The "Solar Decathlon Competition" was initiated by the US Department of Energy in 2001 and hosted for the first time. It faces the residential building and renewable energy technology competitions of universities around the world. It aims to explore solar buildings oriented to the 21st century and promote construction and energy conservation. The combination with new technology was first introduced to China in 2013.

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The competition requires each participating university to design and actually build a permanent residence with solar energy as the sole source of energy and a building projection area of no more than 120-200 square meters. During the competition, all the operating energy of the residence is entirely composed of solar photovoltaics and light. Heat provided. Through the test indicators of the house performance and the subjective evaluation of the review experts, the competition gives the scores of ten individual items of each participating plan, and ranks them according to the individual scores and total scores, hence the name "Decathlon" competition.

1 背景/Background


Organized by the US Department of Energy: Since 2002, initiated by the US Department of Energy, it has been successfully held for 15 sessions. 


International University Participation: The participating teams cover more than 100 universities around the world including the United States, Europe, and China.


Sino-US Energy Cooperation Project: This competition is jointly organized by the National Energy Administration of China, the US Department of Energy, and the China Overseas Industrial Development Association. 


SD China: The competition was successfully held in China for the first time in 2013, and this year is the third time that the SD competition was held in China . The competition venue is located in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. At the same time, the competition has received extensive attention from various groups including government officials, businesses, enterprises, media, etc.

2 历史/History


The SD competition has always been a technology competition that brings together the world's top design and innovation forces, an "Expo" about green development and future lifestyles. At the same time, SD China has injected new blood and vitality into the SD competition. 10,000+ reports covered more than 3 million broadcast audiences, attracted more than 760,000 public visitors, and attracted the attention of 300+ government officials, university leaders, and 200+ corporate executives.

3 使命与愿景/Mission and vision


As China changes its economic development model, the 14th "Five-Year Plan" focuses on expanding the clean energy industry. At present, the problem of large energy consumption in buildings is becoming more and more prominent, and getting rid of dependence on high-emission energy has become an urgent desire from the government to the public. The holding of the SDC competition is of great and far-reaching significance: boosting the industry: through the integration of solar energy application technology and construction technology, accelerate the integration process of solar energy technology and construction integration, and accelerate the in-depth innovation in the field of solar energy applications.



Build a platform: Use event operations as a platform to promote multi-party exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, universities, governments, and non-profit organizations, and become a platform for exchanges and interactions between all parties in the industry chain.



Arouse thoughts: use revolutionary technology and forward-looking creativity to show examples of modern houses that emphasize both "visual effects" and "application effects", and spark ideas for scientific research in energy, architecture and related fields.


Training students: Give college students a special opportunity to learn about the most cutting-edge applications of new energy and energy-saving technologies, directly participate in world-class competitions and learning, and lay the foundation for becoming industry leaders.


Educate the public: through the display of real life in the "solar house", raise public awareness of solar energy technology and energy-saving products, promote green consumption and environmental protection and energy-saving concepts, and promote the development of regional strategic emerging industries.

4 关于本届/About this year


The competition will be held in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province from September to October 2021. It will focus on the "two-zone" construction goal of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Zhangjiakou, the national renewable energy demonstration zone, the capital water conservation functional zone and the ecological environment support zone. The three propositions of “sustainable development, smart interconnection, and living health” are the challenges of this competition. The organizing committee selects 17 university teams from all over the world to design and build a solar energy green and energy-saving ecology that has both demonstration significance and promotion value houses.

团队介绍:SDC BJTU+
About us

从2013年的能量平衡第一到2018年的能源绩效、电动通勤两项单项第一、综合成绩第五,I-Yard1.0和I-Yard2.0在SDC竞赛中取得了傲人的成绩。另外,I-Yard2.0还获得了国际AH award 年度总冠军和四项专利。

From the first in energy balance in 2013 to the first inenergy performance and electric commuting in 2018, and fifth in overall performance,I-Yard1.0 and I-Yard2.0 have achieved impressive results in the SDC competition. In addition, I-Yard2.0 also won the international AH awardannual championship and four patents.


未来更加可期,在2021年的SDC竞赛中,北京交通大学,陳張敏聰夫人慈善基金,英国BRE Trust和拉夫堡大学组成国际联合团队BJTU +。我们由20多名老师,60名本科、硕士和博士学生组成。在北京交通大学建筑与艺术学院的带领下,开启第三次SDC征程。

The future is even more predictable. In the 2021 SDC competition, Beijing Jiaotong University, Chan Cheung Mun Chung Charitable Fund, the British BRE Trust and Loughborough University formed an international joint team BJTU+. We have more than 20 teachers and 60 undergraduate, master and doctorate students. Under the leadership of the School of Architecture and Art of Beijing Jiaotong University, the third SDC journey began.



According to different needs, BJTU+ is divided into six groups: technical guidance group, management group, architectural design group, system group, publicity group and project management group. The technical guidance group is responsible for giving guidance to the student team, controlling the progress of the project, and organizing teaching and research activities. The remaining groups are responsible for organizing and managing the student team, the overall design of the house, the selection and design of the building system, the expansion of the project's social influence, logistics services, and financial management.

1 项目背景/Background of the project

Aiming at the background of post-disaster rescue, the design constructs a disaster preparedness room with modules as units and flexible combination. Optimize disaster relief models, improve energy and medical supplies, and improve the comfort of resettlement houses.

2 方案策略/Solution strategy


Bag  +   Box  +  Building + Cloud



The design of BBBC is inspired by the attention and thinking about the current post-disaster rescue form and rescue sequence in China. According to the timeline, the team proposed the concept of "Bag, Box, Building, and Cloud"



The team design standardizes relief supplies; adjusts the traditional "first-in-disaster and post-disaster relief" model to advance the evacuation and disaster relief process; rethinks the responsibilities of public buildings and uses advanced communication technology as a bridge to jointly form a complete set of preparations Disaster and disaster relief strategies.


The flexible and diverse combination not only meets the needs of a single environment, but also provides a better solution for post-disaster rescue operations, that is, to rebuild the home in a more efficient way and return to the once ordinary and beautiful life.

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