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SDC BJTU+团队已共度三月时光

Start in May, know in June, struggle in July
Time flies, unknowingly
The SDC BJTU+ team has spent March together
It is the continuous optimization plan and drawings of the construction team
Challenge yourself and keep improving in the system group
Careful planning and behind-the-scenes support from the PMO team
The whims and infinite creativity of the propaganda team
Let's put together a picture of our more than 80 days of dream building
8月10日,SDC BJTU+团队圆满举办了团队内阶段总结大会,会上各组陈述阶段成果,李珺杰老师与陈寰宇老师作为嘉宾,在大会最后予以点评与建议。通过这次会议,各组同学梳理本组成果的同时也了解到其他组的进度与成果,便于各组成员更好地配合与合作。

On August 10th, the SDC BJTU+ team successfully held a summary meeting within the team. At the meeting, each group presented the results of the stage. Ms. Li Junjie and Ms. Chen Huanyu, as guests, gave comments and suggestions at the end of the conference. Through this meeting, students in each group sorted out the results of this group, but also learned about the progress and results of other groups, so that members of each group could better cooperate and cooperate.


At the same time, this meeting was also the first official appearance of the team logo and mascot. Condensed with the efforts of the propaganda team, it also successfully attracted everyone's attention. Next, let us take a look at it in turn.

The logo is derived from the deformation of the cross, echoing the theme of post-disaster rescue. The transition from dark blue to light blue symbolizes the process from disaster to hope. The dark blue at the bottom represents the land that has been abandoned after the disaster, and the two tightly held hands symbolize the rescue and care in the face of the disaster. Together with the dark blue background, it forms the shape of a cross, indicating that this design is based on humanitarianism and is about building a post-disaster building with temperature. The close fit of the repetitive shapes in the logo, and the entire logo as a single element, can be closely matched in a repeated form, which also coincides with the modular building used in this design. Through the rapid construction of the various modules to combine with each other, they jointly provide shelter for the victims.

Team color

The standard color of the team is dark blue. Blue gives people a sense of calm and tranquility, representing the comfort of the building after the disaster. Therefore, two different blues were derived from the logo. At the same time, three bright warm colors were selected as auxiliary colors, representing the hope and rebirth after the reconstruction of the home.

From the deformation and visualization of the two interlocking hands in the logo, two lovely mascots were born, namely, a little blue bird who lost his right hand in the disaster but is still optimistic and positive and its partner yellow dog. These are two good friends who helped each other in the disaster. We have designed a set of emojis for them, hoping that their innocent and sunny smiles can bring warmth and hope to people.

The emoji will be launched on WeChat soon, please keep looking forward to it~


At present, the two lovely friends are looking forward to having their own new names, and the team is initiating name collection and voting. The following is your contribution.


The mascot is yellow and blue, and furry. The word "Mao" means "grass and trees", which means that through wind and rain, spring breeze blows and regenerates, aiming for hope.

2.happy bird & lucky dog  

It means to bring happiness, happiness and good luck to the people in the disaster area.


Xixi and the bird’s chirping sounds are relatively close, Wangwang and Wangwang together are hope. At the same time, this bird is still very optimistic after losing a hand. When everyone calls its name, xixi seems to be laughing, for everyone Bring more happiness.


Xiaoniao→Jingjing: First of all, in the legend, the blue bird is the messenger of the Queen Mother of the West, and at the same time it is the messenger of information and happiness in literature; secondly, the word Jingjing means the prosperous vegetation and highlights the vitality.

Puppy → Zhuo Zhuo: First of all, the word "Zhuo" is the same as "Zhuo". It is clever and clumsy, and it is combined into one thing and persevering hard. Although it seems dull, it has the spirit of craftsmanship for ten years; , Zhuozhuo refers to the new birth of plants and trees, highlighting the new birth.
The term "Jing Jing Zhuo Zhuo" comes from Li Dazhao's "Youth": it is said that the young people of this Jing Jing Zhuo Zhuo, that is, the youth of this prescription can also be used in China. It symbolizes the responsibility and responsibility of our youth.


The little bird-Juju, originated from Guanju in the Book of Songs. Juju is a water bird and fits the blue image of the bird. The name reflects the yearning for a better life and echoes the strong need for post-disaster reconstruction.

Puppy-Ling Ling, from the Book of Songs Lu Ling. Ling Ling describes the sound made under the hound's collar, and here refers to the hound. This image highlights the resilience of life, and also implies a tribute to the kindness and bravery of the people in the disaster area.


Simple and crude, direct transliteration, international connection
Voting Result

Thanks to the talented people for their names
Deadline for voting
12:00 noon on August 21, 2020
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