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Q1 什么是雨水回用系统?


The rainwater recycling system is a system that collects rainwater according to demand, and then processes the collected rainwater to meet the design and use standards. Most of them are composed of discarded flow filtration system, water storage system, and purification system.

Q2 雨水回用系统的具体领域是哪些?


The rainwater recycling system is a system that collects rainwater according to demand, and then processes the collected rainwater to meet the design and use standards. Most of them are composed of discarded flow filtration system, water storage system, and purification system.

Q3 雨水回用系统的工艺流程有哪些?

初过滤装置 + 弃流装置 + 自动过滤器 + 蓄水池 + 净水机组 + 清水池

Primary filtration device + abandoning device + automatic filter + reservoir + water purification unit + clean pool.

1 雨水截污初过滤装置
Initial filtration device for rainwater interception


The initial filtration device for rainwater interception is a rainwater pretreatment product designed to prevent part of the solid debris carried in the rainwater from entering the subsequent purification section. The device has a simple and reliable structure. The built-in debris filtering device can effectively collect debris and is easy to clean. The exterior of the product is high-strength anticorrosive FRP, which can be directly buried in the ground and can be used when connected to the corresponding pipeline. It is safe and reliable in the subsequent purification section. companion.

2 雨水弃流装置
Rainwater abandonment device


The buoyant rainwater interception device does not need an electric mechanism. Through the precise design of the balance of buoyancy and gravity, it can realize the collection of the first rain and the discarded stream and the later clean rainwater. The device is highly adaptable to the environment, stable and reliable for long-term use, and has low management requirements. It is very adaptable to the seasonal and intermittent characteristics of rainfall. The abandoning device has its own tank structure, and reserves the inlet, outlet and sewage pipe interfaces. The external pipeline only needs to be connected to the corresponding nozzle, which is simple and convenient to use.

3 雨水自动过滤器
Automatic rainwater filter


The rainwater automatic filter is a primary filtration product, which can effectively reduce the sediment in the back-end reservoir and reduce the cleaning work in the subsequent process. Its effluent has high clarity and can provide low-grade reclaimed water after disinfection, such as green irrigation, road spraying, landscape lake water replenishment, etc. The special water flow direction design inside the filter can realize the functions of filter residue, cleaning and water collection simultaneously, without the need for a special cleaning mechanism. The exterior of the product is high-strength anti-corrosion FRP, which can be directly buried in the ground and connected to the corresponding pipeline, which is convenient to use and reliable in operation.

4 海豚净化机组
Dolphin purification unit



The dolphin water purification unit is the core module of the rainwater system to achieve high-quality and safe utilization. The main components are composed of the Kangwei dolphin filter and the ultraviolet sterilization device.

The dolphin filter is a high-speed and high-precision filter newly developed by Kangwei's proprietary technology and based on many years of water treatment technology. The dolphin filter is a special filter with self-induction filter material (the shape of the filter material is like a dolphin, named: dolphin filter material) as its core technology. The filter speed can reach 30~45m/h, and the turbidity after filtration can reach below 1NTU, so that the clarity and COD of the filtered effluent can fully meet the water quality requirements of various miscellaneous waters. In addition, the filter tank has a high dirt holding capacity, is easy to backwash, and avoids the common hardening problem of the traditional sand filter tank. The working resistance of the filter layer is small, and there is no need to configure a high-pressure water pump, which greatly reduces the power required by the raw water booster pump, and reduces the investment and operating costs of the booster equipment.


The ultraviolet sterilization device kills E. coli or other pathogenic bacteria in the filtered water to ensure the safety and health of rainwater utilization. Compared with other sterilization methods, the ultraviolet sterilization device has the characteristics of safe use and convenient management, and it is the most common sterilization method in the water treatment field.

The various components of the dolphin water purification unit are assembled in the most reasonable layout. The selection unit only needs to provide a suitable placement space, three pipe connections for in and out of the sewage and power supply for use. The main materials of the dolphin water purifier are usually stainless steel and carbon steel anti-corrosion materials; in the operation mode, manual or automatic filter backwashing can be selected; the UV sterilizer can also be equipped with a cleaning device, which provides a wide range of users Diversified choices.

5 蜂窝框架组合式蓄水池
Honeycomb frame combined reservoir


The honeycomb frame combined reservoir makes full use of the light weight, high strength, acid and alkali resistance of glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, and is assembled from standard plates formed by high temperature and high pressure at one time. The interior of the pool adopts frame-type support, and the force on each point is even, which can effectively disperse the load on the upper part, thereby greatly improving the pressure resistance of the pool. Different from other combined pools, Kangwei retains access to the internal structure of the honeycomb frame pool, which avoids the disadvantages of other combined pools that cannot be cleaned, repaired, and lift pumps cannot be installed after assembly.


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