i-Yard 1.0
“2013 年中国国际太阳能十项全能竞赛” (Solar Decathlon, 简称 SD) 

北京交通大学赛队经过 2 年的努力入围决赛,经过校园试建和现场建造测试比赛,与全球其他20所知名大学同台展示新能源建筑的技术研发和设计创新成果,并以参赛作品i-Yard 1.0发电270度用电120度取得了能量平衡第一的好成绩。

New energy architecture development, which is under the idea of green low carbon, is a subject attracting all the countries’ attention at present.2013 Solar Decathlon, which Beijing Jiaotong University participated in, is co-held by the United States Department of Energy and National Energy Administration of China. It is a solar energy architectural scientific competition that takes global university as participating unit, which is called “World Exposition of solar energy architecture”. It takes 2 years’ efforts for our university’s team to enter the finals. By building for test in campus and field installation assessment competition, displaying technology research and development and designing innovation achievement of new energy architecture along with other 20 global famous universities. Our entry i-Yard 1.0 generated 270 kilowatt hour and used 120 kilowatt hour, getting the first prize in energy balance.
i-Yard 1.0 的设计创意,源于当代生活理念、传统居住空间与现代科技手段的结合。设计的出发点不仅在于满足市场的现有需要,更希望创造一种可以引领消费需求的住宅产品。

The design creativity of  i-Yard 1.0 originates from combination of contemporary philosophy of life, traditional living space and modern scientific methods. The starting point of designing is not only satisfying contemporary needs of market, but also to create kind of house product which leads consumption demand. 

i - 现代科技手段 
虽然有着中国传统建筑的空间特点,iYard 同时也应用了现代的科技手段,力图达到智能化(Intelligent)、 个性 (Individual)、创造性 (Imaginative) 工业化(Industrialization) 的完美结合。智能家居概念的引入,为使用者提供了人性化与个性化生活。物联网带来人与建筑“一键式”互动,使 i-Yard 成为智慧型住宅,同时也为太阳能技术的应用提供了技术平台。

i- Modern scientific method:
Although having the spatial characteristics of Chinese traditional architecture, iYard uses  the modern scientific method at the same time to make a perfect integration of intelligence, individuality, imagination and industrialization. The introduction of concept of smart home provides user a humanized and individual life. Internet of things  brings one-click interaction of human and architecture, which make i-Yard become smart house and provide technology platform for solar energy technology application at the same time.

Yard - 传统的生活空间 

Yard- traditional living space: 
With rapid development of urbanization at present, courtyard culture of Chinese housing tradition is onthe wane because of high land consolidation. Contemporary lifestyle requires courtyard space as a new carrier.

i-Yard 1.0 在 100 平方米之内的空间创造大小可变,可开敞亦可遮蔽的现代院落,满足现代人对新的生活方式的需求。

i-Yard 1.0 creates a variable size within 100 square metersof space, but also the modern courtyard open or sheltered, satisfies the needs of modern people for a new life style.



Variable space

Architecture spatial variability—the change of courtyard is led by variability of dining room. The change of coefficient of architectural formalization makes it possible to use solar energy passively. Setting a variable courtyard space in the architecture.


Intelligent interaction 

Setting intelligent“wake-up switch” of the whole architecture in an accessible height to feet in entrance. When the master of the house comes back( especially at night), he can wake up the whole architecture by a lightly kick.
APP 终端控制 
APP terminal control 


All the remote control to the electrical equipment state can be achieved by using graphic monitoring picture in mobile terminal.
Product industrialization


On the premise of guaranteeing efficiency of solar-thermal systems, the system components should be considered as a whole with architecture. To improve the structural rationality and guarantee the overall quality of architectural component and system.
Energy regeneration


Based on the biological environmental designing strategy, considering effective control and rational utilization to solar radiation from physical layout, spatial organization to surface design.


Energy consumption research: In order to maximize energy efficiency, students have completed numerous alternative energy models under the guidance of teachers and instructors to guide key design decisions such as system design, enclosure structure, and equipment size.


Market Positioning: iYard's positioning as a "micro villa" for a family of two of scientific and technological personnel in the high-tech development zones of small and medium-sized cities in the northwest, namely high comfort and low consumption. In addition, the variable adaptation of iYard's indoor space presents a dynamic change with the change of family size and structure to meet the needs of residents in different periods. For example, when a household changes from a family of two to a family of three, iYard can separate the children's bedroom to meet the needs of the family.
·创新实践活动: SD竞赛给在校大学生一-个特别的实践机会,让他们了解新能源和节能技术的最前沿应用,让他们直接参与世界级的比赛和学习,为成为行业领袖打下基础。

Innovative practice activities: The SD competition gives college students a special opportunity to learn about the most cutting-edge applications of new energy and energy-saving technologies, allowing them to directly participate in world-class competitions and learning, and lay the foundation for becoming industry leaders.

·校内试建设: 2013年6月7日上午,由北京交通大学建筑与艺术学院主办“北京交通大学太阳能十项全能竞赛启动仪式”在北京交通大学南门小树林广场隆重举行。此次仪式,是产学研相结合的教学实践的开始,也是教学注重实践的良好开端。

On-campus trial construction: On the morning of June 7, 2013, the "Beijing Jiaotong University Solar Decathlon Launching Ceremony" hosted by the School of Architecture and Art of Beijing Jiaotong University was grandly held at the Xiaoshulin Plaza, South Gate of Beijing Jiaotong University. This ceremony is the beginning of teaching practice combining production, teaching and research, and a good beginning for teaching practice to focus on practice.

·宣传品:  我们设计了一系列明关于iYard的明信片、微章、宣传册、T恤衫等,作为纪念品赠送给其他赛队,寄给远方关心iYard的朋友,希望他们看到我们的设计成果,并在公众开放日送给来i-Yard参观的游客,深深受到大家的喜爱。

Promotional materials: We have designed a series of postcards, micro-chapters, brochures, T-shirts, etc. about iYard, which are presented as souvenirs to other teams and sent to friends who care about iYard from afar, hoping that they will see our design results, and It is given to tourists who visit iYard on the public day, and it is deeply loved by everyone.
作为建筑师,最大的奢望是能让设计完全按照自己的意愿建造实现,并且是亲手实施的;作为建筑学教师,最大的奢望是能带着学生从构想到图纸到建造,并且是全程 PK 的。

As an architect, it is our dream to achieve the design on our own will completely, and to build it by ourselves. As an architectural teacher, it is our dream to lead students from idea, drawing to construction in a competition.
太阳能十项全能竞赛(Solar Decathlon,简称 SD)让我们的奢望成真, 历时近2年。回想两年的历程,从构思口号到提交申请、从组建团队到遴选方案、从产品考察到商谈筹款、从图纸推敲到试建测试、从队服制作到网站建设、从安全培训到工地奋战、从室内布置到 iYard 派对,多少个夜晚里我们面对电脑苦思冥想、我们相对而坐争论不休;多少个烈日下我们运输材料手抬肩扛、我们安装施工爬上爬下。

 Solar Decathlon takes our 2 years to make our dream come true. Recalling the experience of last two years, from conceiving slogan to submitting the application, from forming a team to selecting the scheme, from production check to negotiating and raising money, from changing drawing to building for test, from designing team uniform to web construction, from safe training to site construction, from interior layout to iYard party. We spent countless nights meditating in front of computer, discussing and arguing with teammates, we also spent countless days to transporting materials and building the house. 

之所以60多名师生能够投入SD,是因我们有一个共同的追逐阳光的梦想;之所以600天的时间能够坚持下来 ,是因为我们坚信阳光总在风雨后SUNNY HOME, SUNNY HOPE!

Why can 60 teachers and students devote themselves to SD? Because we have the same dream to chaise sunshine. Why can we insist during the past 600 days? Because we all believe sunshine comes after the storm—SUNNY HOME, SUNNY HOPE!