BBBC 的设计灵感来源于对中国当前灾后救援形式和救援顺序的关注与思考,团队根据时 间线提出了“备灾包(Bag)、备灾盒(Box)、备灾房(Building)、备灾云(Cloud)”的概念。 团队设计将救援物资规格化;调整传统的“先发灾后救灾”模式,将疏散、救灾过程前置; 重新思考公共建筑承担的职责,以先进通讯技术为桥,将共同形成一套完整的备灾、救灾策略。 灵活多样的组合形式,不仅仅满足了单一环境下的需求,更为灾后救援行动提供了更好的 解决方案,即众志成城,以更高效的方式重建家园,回归曾经平凡而美好的生活。

The design of BBBC is inspired by the attention and thinking about the current post-disaster rescue form and rescue sequence in China. According to the timeline, the team proposed the concept of "Bag, Box, Building, and Cloud". The team design standardizes relief supplies; adjusts the traditional "first-in-disaster and post-disaster relief" model to advance the evacuation and disaster relief process; rethinks the responsibilities of public buildings and uses advanced communication technology as a bridge to jointly form a complete set of preparations Disaster and disaster relief strategies. The flexible and diverse combination not only meets the needs of a single environment, but also provides a better solution for post-disaster rescue operations, that is, to rebuild the home in a more efficient way and return to the once ordinary and beautiful life.


i-Yard 2.0 的设计灵感来源于对中国当下的环境恶化和老龄化社会问题的关注和思考,我们提出“新城镇颐养社 区”的概念,让退休老人远离城市,回到风景优美鸡犬相闻的乡村生活中去,让他们在呼吸新鲜空气、体味田园时光 的同时,享受我们为其精心设计的以太阳能等可再生能源利用为基础的舒适、安全、健康的智能家居环境。

Environmental issues and aging problems bring us inspiration in our i-Yard 2.0 design.Escaping from cities and diving into the charming countryside,which exactly our conceptis,canbeadream ofso many  senior citizens in China. Based on renewable energy like solar power,we create safe,comfortable and in telli- genthome for them when immersed infresh air and fascinating scenery.


       i-Yard 1.0 的设计创意,源于当代生活理念、传统居住空间与现代科技手段的结合。设计的出发点不仅在于满足市场 的现有需要,更希望创造一种可以引领消费需求的住宅产品。

The design creativity of  i-Yard 1.0 originates from combination of contemporary philosophy of life, traditional living space and modern scientific methods. The starting point of designing is not only satisfying contemporary needs of market, but also to create kind of house product which leads consumption demand.

赛事简介/Tournament Introduction

     由美国能源部于 2001 年发起并首次主办的,面对全球高校的住宅建 筑与可再生能源科技竞赛,旨在探索面向 21 世纪的太阳能建筑,推动建筑、节能与新技术 的结合,2013 年首次引入中国。

Initiated by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2001 and hosted for the first time, facing the global colleges and universities' residential building and renewable energy technology competition, it aims to explore solar buildings oriented to the 21st century and promote the combination of architecture, energy saving and new technologies. It was the first in 2013 Introduced to China.